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Regulatory Notice

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Case Studies

Recent success stories delivered by Promethion to satisfied clients.

Collateralised Loan Obligation manager acquisition search. Promethion has undertaken extensive industry research on behalf of a client as part of an acquisition search for leading managers in the CLO space.


The sector had undergone significant change in the aftermath of the credit crisis in 2007 and our client was interested in identifying managers who would benefit from joining a larger group with better economies of scale and superior access to capital to expand their assets under management.

The objective was to identify market-leading acquisition targets which would provide synergies with the client's existing business and facilitate expansion into Europe.     


The universe of CLO managers was researched according to key criteria, including:

Financial Impact

Promethion was able to identify a group of leading CLO managers which met the client's criteria in terms of funds under management, synergies with its existing business and historical track record.

The information was then applied to estimate a valuation range using various metrics to provide the client with an indication of possible purchase price if the acquisition were to proceed.